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WWJD: Do You Rep’ It?

What would Jesus do? Jesus is the son of God who performed many miracles, was crucified for his people and rose from the dead. He was a man of good doing, hence people want to follow in his footsteps. In the late 1990’s marketers created the acronym WWJD (what would Jesus do) to sell products that would promote Christianity. By wearing these products a person is left to ask themselves if what they are doing is something Jesus would do. These products were a great hit which started off with bracelets then turned into clothing and more.

Not only did they make money from these products but they were able to enforce a sense of religion and Christianity in their consumers, or at least that is what they intended to do. The argument I raise here is, did these products really work? When people wore them did they feel more interacted with God and feel as though they were following in his footsteps by making choices that he would make?

Today WWJD products are not advertised or sold as much as they were in the 1990’s. What is the reason for the decline? In numerous articles I have found the purpose of these products and why people bought them, however in an article by Brian Snider he argues that these products will not help you follow what Jesus has done. Instead he recommends the consumers to take off the bracelets and instead live a life free of sin such as by canceling their cable company.

These products were just a way to make a profit off of something that seemed like a “good-doing.” They people who started it should consider themselves sinners because they are collecting money off of “spreading the word of god.”



Introduce the topic of WWJD products (ie: how they began, when they became popular, who wore them, what was their purpose)

State my argument: The products were mainly used to make a profit. They purpose behind them was not strongly emphasized by wearing the products. There are other ways to follow your religion and this way was not successful.


Paragraph 1:

More into depth on the history of WWJD products.

Paragraph 2:

My argument; why I disagree with the success of these products.

Examples of other ways to follow your beliefs.

State the targeted audience and the effects the products had on them.

Mention Snider’s article.

Paragraph 3:

Mention other examples of trying to promote Christianity and their success.

Compare WWJD to these products, to see which if either was more successful.

Compare class readings such as Einstein’s book to my ideas because it relates to marketing such products.


Return to my argument and state my opinion.

What I believe should be done to promote Christianity.

Where I believe the money for these products should go.

Changes that I would make towards the idea of WWJD products.

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